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Joe Ventra, Physical Energy, Mental Clarity, Improved Vision, Prostate

By December 24, 2020January 20th, 2021No Comments

joe ventraI have been involved with health and nutrition for over 20 years and after a month of taking this product I have noticed improvements in many areas of my life. In 2018 I was deployed to the Commonwealth Games to conduct security supervision for 3 weeks in different venues. In that time, I walked about 160kms and worked over 150 hours in 14 days which really tested my body’s endurance levels.

After the first week and of taking stem cell nutrition and working 12 hours a day, l noticed NO lactic acid in my legs; NO pain in knees; more energy and mental clarity than before, while the only pain was from blisters on my feet through pounding the concrete. I was so overwhelmed with my ability to be able to remember where guards were posted without any refer-ence to my notepad.

After 8 weeks on stem cell nutrition l was asked to complete a work medical test, one of which involved an eye test where you had to read a chart from a set distance in a room, starting with both eyes and then one eye at a time. I started reading with both eyes uncovered and read the chart to the bottom, I read it with my left eye covered and then with my right eye covered and was still able to read the chart with ease. The medical doctor replied that she was amazed, as there were younger people that couldn’t read the chart fully.

This product has also helped with prostate issues and l am now excited to hear more amazing testimonials coming in everyday from others, that l have introduced to stem cell nutrition. The last thing l want to share is that every person’s results are different, but l believe that every person needs stem cell nutrition.

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