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Christine Taylor, Damaged Shoulder, Lower Back Pain

By January 15, 2021February 6th, 2021No Comments

christine taylor cerule stem cells lower back pain damaged shoulder

Thought I’d share what’s been happening to me.

I’ve had a damaged shoulder, mainly from ageing and overuse, for a few years now.

My lovely friend, Carol Ford, suggested I try stem cell nutrition. I was desperate to relieve the pain! I started taking both the anti-inflammatory and stem cell enhancer and within a few days the pain had almost gone and movement almost fully restored.

I can enjoy my yoga again.

I’m blown away with these products!! Can’t thank you enough, Carol.

My story continues… I woke on Saturday to find my lower back in pain! This is not common for me and happens rarely. I was staying in a cold house.

Over the day the pain became more agonising and I was bent over double in pain. The next morning I contacted Carol who suggested I take 4 enhancer and 2 anti-inflammatories and to repeat at 2pm. Within minutes I literally could feel the pain subsiding. I was blown away!! After the 2pm dose I was almost pain free

… I could stand normally

… The almost instant pain relief was phenomenal. So grateful.

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