What Can Plasmaflo do for me ?

Why is Plasmaflo Important?

Capillaries make up the vast majority of the total surface of all blood vessels extending into every region of the body where they serve as points of exchange between the blood and surrounding tissue. Your body’s natural ability to deliver nutrients, oxygen and cells is dependent on the health and integrity of your capillary function.

Plasmaflo supports your body’s circulatory system with:

  • Flow
  • Integrity
  • Health

Your body’s ability to renew itself is remarkable. Proper blood circulation at the capillary level is essential to ensure appropriate delivery of nutrients, oxygen, and cells to the body to assist daily renewal.

Scientifically Speaking …

The ingredients in Plasmaflo® were extensively researched and meticulously chosen from the industry’s most reputable, GMP certified companies and are backed by science for their efficacy and safety. All ingredients, including Cerule’s own, undergo rigorous quality testing in-house with 3rd party verification. The ingredients in all of our products are guaranteed for purity and safety. Plasmaflo® was formulated to support healthy circulation.

But Why is Stem Cell Support Important?

Stem cells occur naturally in your body and and are there to replenish cells that are lost through normal wear and tear or injury.

As we age, our body’s ability to self-repair and maintain optimum health decreases due to a reduction in the number of circulating stem cells associated with the normal aging process.

Therefore, helping to increase the number of circulating stem cells in your body through an efficient delivery system (your capilaries) is believed to support your body’s process of self-repair and self-renewal. The more stem cells that can flow through your body, the more your body has the chance to respond to restore itself !

An Explanation of Plasmaflo

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