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Skin Care Products

View our range of Cerule skin care products that assist to revitalise and nourish your skin.

Your Beauty Ritual

The first step in your beauty ritual in the morning and in the evening, is to apply micellar gel on your face, neck, lips and eyes with a cotton pad. It’s not advised to rinse the micellar gel so that active ingredients can penetrate longer and more in depth into the skin.

In the morning for a gentle cleansing : apply the product evenly on your face with a cotton pad. Then apply the Instant Tensor Serum and the CC cream.

In the evening to remove make-up : Begin with the eyes, apply the micellar gel on your face with fingertips by massage, being careful around your eyelids to dissolve any make-up. Then soak a cotton pad and remove the residue by pressing gently on your eye lids with your eyes closed.

Repeat until the cotton pad is clean.

Then remove the make-up on your lips by circular movements with a cotton pad.

Finally remove your make-up with a cotton pad delicately on your face: from the nose to the cheek, from the nose to the forehead, from the bottom of the neck to the chin. Ensure the movement of your take down regime is from the inside to the outside.

Repeat until the cotton pad is clean.

Then apply the Instant Tensor Serum and a moisturizing cream if necessary.

In the evening just before bed time, apply Regenerating Night Cream to repair and strengthen your skin, which works when your body is resting.