What can CC Cream do for me ?

CC Cream is part of the “Cerule Skin” care range of products, and is a hybrid formula of skincare and color-correction designed for all skin types, and is a “complete care” application for your skin.

This fine texture of the cream is concentrated with new generation chrono-adapting pigments that adjust to your skin’s natural color for a flawless, custom-made complexion. CC Cream has a delicate aromatic woody scent that makes the application a sensational experience.

CC Cream aims to enrich your skin by:

  • Moisturizing
  • Revitalising
  • Perfecting

Scientifically Speaking …

CC Cream is enriched with Mango Butter and Aquaxyl®. It infuses your skin with moisture and in order to maintain optimal hydration all day long by retaining moisture inside the skin. The Calendula extract soothes your skin with an isotonic formula, and with Pure Seawater it revitalizes and tones your skin. Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, protects against free radicals and prevents the signs of visible skin-aging. Lentisca Pistachio and pigments act together to refine your skin’s texture and perfect your complexion.

Hydrated and soothed, your skin expereinces a sensation of comfort that lasts throughout the day. Revitalized, the skin is more toned and smoother, looking younger. Protected from free radicals, which can lead to premature aging, the skin is healthier. Your skin’s texture is refined. Rednesses, flaws and pores are blurred. Your complexion is radiant, fresh and luminous.

But Why is Stem Cell Support Important?

Stem cells occur naturally in your body and and are there to replenish cells that are lost through normal wear and tear or injury.

As we age, our body’s ability to self-repair and maintain optimum health decreases due to a reduction in the number of circulating stem cells associated with the normal aging process.

Therefore, increasing the number of circulating stem cells in your body is believed to support your body’s process of self-repair and self-renewal. The more stem cells operating in your body, the more your body has the chance to respond to restore itself.

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