What can AFA Regenerating Night Cream do for me ?

AFA Regenerating Night Cream is part of the “Cerule Skin” care range of products.

This night cream assists your skin with the process of cell renewal, allowing for firmer, smoother, more youthful skin. This is scientifically proven as an anti-aging night cream which combines Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA) with seaweed extracts and aromatic floral waters to enhance you skins natural mechanisms for repair. While you are resting, the AFA Regenerating Night Cream works to assist your skin in the process of regeneration.

Regenerating Night assists your skin with cell renewal to:

  • Regenerate
  • Repair
  • Anti-aging

Scientifically Speaking …

Using Cerule’s Night Cream Clinical studies show a rapid reproduction of skin cells within 24 hours of treatment. AFA accelerates the process of cell regeneration and repair throughout your skin as early as 2 hours after the initial application.

External aggressions such as cold, wind, pollution, sun or heat can negatively impact your skin in its role as a form of barrier, which can result in the appearance of dull and tired skin. The skin naturally regenerates itself through the night by renewing skin cells. Yet, over the years, the synthesis of fibers in the lower level of the epidermis, also known as the dermis, decreases. The skin renews itself with less efficiency. Slowly your skin becomes thinner and wrinkles deepen, it loses radiance and firmness. With the topical application of AFA through Cerule’s Regenerating Night Cream, stem cells flood to the delicate areas of your face and this natural renewal process is accelerated.

By boosting the regenerating mechanism, we stimulate cell renewal and help the skin to regenerate itself more efficiently. Skin regeneration is important in slowing down cellular aging and reducing the appearance of any signs of aging. The skin is left looking younger with less visible wrinkles, coupled with a smoother, firmer and more plumped skin. Now deeply moisturized, the skin looks silky leaving the complexion luminous.

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