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Health Care Products

View our range of Cerule health care products, that refresh and rebuild your body to it’s optimal capacity.

Your Optimal Health Regime

To get the maximum benefit from your Cerule products, my recommendation is to firstly ask the person who introduced you for their suggestions, We don’t simply promote Cerule products to derive an income, we all actively take the products because we firstly believe in them, and secondly we experience significant impact on our our personal health as a result of taking them. Hence if you ask your own recommender first, they should be able to give you a good idea in terms of where to start.

Otherwise if you would like to follow my daily routine, here it is:

  • 30 minutes before breakfast take 2 x PlasmaFlo with a glass of water
  • After breakfast I take 2 x Stem Enhance Ultra (SEU) with a glass of water
  • If you reuire mobility in your joints, then you would take either 2 of Cyactive or Cyactive Joint at that time.
  • At dinner [ you evening meal ], I repeat my breakfast routine of Stem Enhance Ultra (SEU) / Cyactive / Cyactive Joint capsules



When using Cerule products for the first time, I recommend that you take an “easy does it” approach. This is necessary and important as they are very likely to assist your body with internal cleansing. This can create various side effects, and you might feel uncomfortable or think that they are creating issues in your body, but they are actually helping to solve issues first before getting your body prepared for greater change.

So I recommend that you use half the above recommended amounts for the first few days and gradually increase your dosage, making sure you drink water each time. If necessary reduce your intake to every 2nd day until your body tells you it’s comfortable.

ALWAYS listen to your body.

If you have any questions I am always delighted to help. Please use the contact details on this site.