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About Me

Hello – my name is Harry Lynn.

I’d like to personally thank you for dropping onto my website and check out these products which I have been taking for years, and have given me a whole new lease of life!

Firstly, the boring bit is that I earn commissions from the sale of products. My Cerule Affiliate ID is 2394305.

Second, the reason I am proud to promote stem cell release products through Cerule is that they are making a huge difference in my health, giving me clarity of my mind and the strength that I had 30 years ago. It’s given me better focus and concentration, a dramatic improvement in my night vision and due to the PEA in Stemenhance Ultra  no more GRUMPY OLD MAN !

Read my story on the Testimonials Page, along with others, and I’m sure you would agree that our lives have had significant change as a result of taking these nutritional supplements.

Next, I want you to know that we can’t tell you that these are any better than sliced bread; but for me, and hundreds of people (both younger and older than myself), they are making a difference in our everyday lives.

If you are struggling with any diseases that you are hoping to find a possible treatment or relief, then Contact Me. There’s no obligation to buy anything, or join the program, and I’ll explain it all in very simple English that you will be able to understand. Currently I take 2 Stemenhance Ultra (SEU) and 2 Cyactiv twice a day and 2 Plasmaflo once a day. It’s safe to take up to 12 a day for severe cases in order to improve your health, but under normal conditions this is not necessary.

Lastly, the company I am promoting is a “referral based” company. I’d love to be able to introduce the products to your friends or relatives and see how well they respond. But I don’t want to take away that opportunity from you to be able to do the same. So if you feel that you would like to learn more about how to tell others about Cerule and the Stem Cell products that are listed on this website, then let’s chat further.

Thanks for listening –

Harry Lynn

former Red Baron pilot at the Broadwater, Southport, Gold Coast; professional musician on piano and vocal