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Colleen Pearson, Fibromyalgia

By January 5, 2021January 20th, 2021No Comments

I have been on stem cell nutrition for about 5 weeks and as of last week, am taking 6 capsules a day. I noticed a change straight away, in clarity of thought and just that little more vitality.

Now I feel like I am getting my life back. My head is mostly clear and even when going through a flare up, I still feel clear headed and able to think. I no longer feel like curling up into a little ball to escape the world. I am doing more now – and enjoying it. Yes, I tend to overdo it at times, which is probably why I have been having the flare ups (which used to last up to a month or more).

Now they are lasting just for the day – so that is a huge plus!!!!!!! I feel I am walking taller, quicker and I am smiling and laughing a lot more. Even my husband David can notice the difference and is very happy for me. This does not mean that the fibromyalgia is not there, it is just that I can cope better.

I can think of what I need to do to help myself – my brain was too muddled to do that before. I am also using essential oils which is helping with asthma, sleeping and pain, though I do believe the help with the pain is from both the oils and stem cell nutrition. I feel like my mind/head is finally free – no more cobwebs, and the light has turned back on inside me!!

I am cooking more – so very happy with that (so is David, as he has been left to do meals at night time). I am also back to driving again….woohoo! For some reason I am very tired when I first wake up – exhausted, and want to keep sleeping, but I make myself get up. As the day goes on, I feel better and I do not need a nap, so my usual afternoon naps have mostly gone.

As you can see, this is a big difference for me and I am loving it. It was seeing my sister Mary when she came over here, and how much had changed with her, that made me look seriously at this product! I could see the light back in her eyes and definitely more vitality – and that is what made me take the plunge.

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