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David Darbro, M.D. Stem Cells and Recovery from Stroke

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Dr David Darbro - stem cells and stroke recoveryDavid Darbro, M.D. Spent the first fifteen years of his career as a specialist in Family medicine The following twenty-five years he devoted to practicing what he calls wellness medicine-that emerging paradigm focused on finding and treating the causes of health problems, not just treating symptoms..

Research shows that stem cells do more than make blood cells. These master cells can actually replace any damaged, sick, or worn out cells in the body.

This process means that the source of good health is within us.

The truth of this hit home when I suffered a stroke which affected my left middle cerebral artery, changing my life dramatically The speech center of my brain was damaged, causing my speech to sound like gibberish I couldn’t process or understand what others said to me, and experienced a delay in responding.

The entire right side of my body was affected also suffered from atrial fibrillation Due to the weakness in my right side, my affected speed, and my sub par mental abilities, I could no longer practice medicine, so I was creed to retire This led to spells of depression, coupled with anxiety attacks refused to take antidepressants. Because of the side effects, I tried various treatments, but nothing worked, I felt helpless and miserable.

From this personal disaster, I have learned many important lessons of life. Hopefully, it helped make me a more compassionate and wiser doctor. Because of my own calamity, I can help others with a new understanding.
During my stay in the hospital, I pondered how I might reverse the effects of the stroke. At the time, I understood little about stem cells and their mobilization.

One day, a dear friend and fellow medical doctor called me. He is a legend in wellness medicine, and has my immense respect. He reviewed with me that the stem cells in our bone marrow were essential to the body’s ability to renew itself and constituted a treasure trove of health.

He explained how it was possible to release them into our blood stream and bring about restoration of the tissues. I decided to research the science behind it and find out whether I could improve my condition. I Learned that stem cells are very advanced, “Smart cells” containing all the information necessary to make a new person.

For example, an injured muscle might cry out for help, so stem cells would travel to the damaged site, identify and communicate with the cells involved. Each would turn itself into a new healthy muscle cell to replace the old damaged one.

Here’s the model I use to explain this complex process: a biochemical called Stromal derived Factor (SDF-1) attracts circulating stem cells to the damaged area where they then convert into whatever type of cells you need. Imagine the SDF-1 being a biochemical cry for help, or you could say SDF-1 is a 911 call put out by stressed injured tissue cells. Stem cells, picking up the scent like bloodhounds, race to the rescue.

Once stem cells arrive at the site, communication occurs between the injured cells and the stem cells to determine which type of cell should be replaced. Whether it is heart, brain, or thyroid tissue-whatever type it is- the new cells replace the old. Stem cells divide and increase in number.

The mother cell creates a daughter cell, and one of them remains attached to the bone marrow, so you never use them all.

The healthy bone marrow of a human being contains an estimated one hundred and fifty million stem cells. The trick is to put a portion of those cells to work. Unfortunately, as we age the marrow starts losing its ability to respond as well as it should, so we don’t always have an adequate amount of stem cells in circulation.

The result is deteriorating health as our worn out tissues fail to renew themselves. How then, can we boost the activity of our stem cells and promote healing? I discovered a source of stem cell nutrition derived from a plant called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). This blue green fresh water vegetable has remarkable secrets hidden inside) designed and placed there by the creator for our benefit. Selectin ligans in the AFA are proteins that instruct the bone marrow to release stem cells when necessary.

This plant also has molecules of polysaccharides which increase the ability of our stem cells to detect even faint SDF-1 cries for help, being released by damaged tissues tucked away in remote corners of our bodies. Thus, these plants contribute to our stem cell nutrition facilitating their release from the bone marrow to enter the blood stream and then facilitate their passage from the circulation into the tissues.

One gram of stem cell nutrition causes the release of about four million stem cells into the blood stream. I began taking two capsules of stem cell nutrition every four hours, and within a day, I began to climb out of the pit of despair.

Soon, I felt like my old self again. Tests showed a lessening of my depression and an appreciable improvement in my short term memory. Eventually, the stem cell nutrition helped me regain normal speech, except for an occasional slurred word. My mind became clear and my anxiety and depression disappeared. Even my atrial fibrillation came under control.
The nearly complete healing after my stroke seems miraculous. I credit stem cell nutrition for the heaven sent return of my abilities, my speech, and memory function.

Dr David Darbro

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